So what is zipPay?

See a product you like but you’re a little short on budget at the moment? No worries! With zipPay, you can shop online today and pay later for your purchase. Now, you don’t have to risk waiting—only to have the stocks run out when you finally have the money.


All in one click

Applying for a zipPay account is simple! Sign in with your chosen social media account and confirm your details. Once your application is approved, you may use your account anytime and anywhere.


Flexible, easy payments

With zipPay, you’re in control of choosing your desired payment method. Decide whether you’d like to pay weekly or monthly—whichever is more convenient for you!


Your digital wallet

Have a hard time keeping track of your payment schedule? Let zipPay take care of it. We’ll constantly remind you when your payments are due to help you avoid incur balances. You may also log in to your account anytime and view your payment activity.


No hidden fees

With zipPay, you can get a maximum of two months or 60 days to pay for your purchase and still incur no fees! Need more time? We charge as little as $40/month for any month where you have a balance. There is also an additional $5 account fee. Pay on time to get no fees ever!