Mini Candles

Introducing the mini candles from our new sister brand Zolly! This new range of fun scents include our best-selling Core Collection candles and Pink Champagne, an exclusive scent everyone is raving about!


These mini candles serve as the perfect samplers for those who are unsure about their fragrance preferences and customers who want to find their new favourite scents without breaking the bank. With a vibrant matte glass finish and fun box designs to match, they are also perfect little gifts for your loved ones or exciting party favours for your next event.

They may be in adorable 40g jars, but they definitely pack a punch! Each scent is a blend of strong, premium fragrance oils in high-quality soy wax that has a 15-hour burn time, making it a self-care treat even without the usual Royal Essence jewellery. Fill your home with best-selling scents Watermelon & Lemonade, Cherry Blossom, Starry Night, and more, for a third of the price of our full-sized jars!


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