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Bring France home by lighting up a Royal Essence Champagne and Macarons Jewellery Candle. Sit back while the scent of the French macarons envelops the room with delicious fragrance that melds Vanilla Bean, sweetened ripe Raspberries fused with crushed Almonds and sugared citrus fruits fused to perfection amid sparkling bubbly Champagne. With its delicate and sophisticated scent, this candle is perfect for any occasion.

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How it Works?

  • Light


    Light your wick and wait for the candle to burn until you see the wrapping foil. A shiny little surprise will be found in every candle. The jewellery inside can be worth anywhere from $10 to $2,000.

  • Discover


    Snuff out the flames and remove the package using a spoon or a pair of tweezers. Be careful unwrapping the aluminium protecting the jewellery. Each jewel comes with a little note with instructions how to find our your jewel's RRP. Lucky fans who discovered a $1,000-$2,000 jewel will have their prize shipped out.

  • Reveal


    Flaunt your new rock by sharing your #JewelleryReveal on our Facebook Page. When you share your jewellery reveal, you will be included in a monthly draw to win another candle.

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